In this video I interview Michael Brito, the author of a great new book, Smart Business, Social Business.

Michael is also the SVP of Social Business Planning at Edelman Digital.

Michael shares insights into the key factors that influence how larger businesses can benefit from engaging in social media, and how these activities should be managed.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • Why it’s important to have plans in place for different business needs
  • What businesses need to keep in mind when expanding globally
  • Which tools you need to manage your social media activities
  • The importance of having a good social relationship management platform
  • Why it’s essential to have policies and guidelines for your employees
  • How to build trust internally with employees

Connect with Michael on Twitter @Britopian.  You can also check out Michael’s blog, Britopian.

What do you think? Are you part of a big business that is managing social media effectively? What tips do you have to share? Please leave them below.