Looking for a faster way to create promoted pins on Pinterest?

Have you tried the Pinterest bulk editor tool?

Pinterest’s bulk editor tool makes it easier to create and edit promoted pins and optimize multiple promoted pins at one time.

In this article you’ll discover how to create promoted pins in less time with Pinterest’s bulk editor tool.

promoted pins and pinterest bulk editor tool
Discover how to use the Pinterest bulk editor tool to create promoted pins in less time.

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What Is the Promoted Pins Bulk Editor?

Pinterest’s promoted pins have rolled out to almost everyone, giving all businesses the chance to use the valuable paid advertising platform. It can take a little time to create the pins, though. There’s no way to replicate a campaign, and if you want to edit a set of promoted pins, you need to go into each one and manually make changes.

Cue the bulk editor. Pinterest’s bulk editor is designed to make it easier to create or edit many pins at once. It also allows you to upload images in bulk that you can use for promoted pins later.

pinterest promoted pin example
It can be time-consuming to create large numbers of promoted pins.

The bulk editor is similar to Facebook’s Power Editor; however, while Power Editor is an actual online interface, Pinterest’s bulk editor works by downloading, filling out, and reuploading relatively long .CSV templates.

The best uses for this tool include bulk editing and image uploads, along with split testing. Creating a large number of unique pins can take time because there are so many fields to fill out in the .CSV template, but the more you do it, the faster you’ll get. Practice makes perfect, after all.

#1: Get Started With the Bulk Editor

To access Pinterest’s promoted pins bulk editor, click on the Ads drop-down menu in the top-left corner. Below the options for ads overview and creation, click Bulk Editor.

access pinterest bulk editor
Access the bulk editor from the Ads drop-down menu.

When you first open the bulk editor, you get two options. You can either create pins in bulk via a .CSV template and upload new pin images (optional), or you can edit current campaigns. To edit current campaigns, you download your existing promoted pins, make changes to them, and reupload them to the platform. Both options happen in a .CSV format, and are shown below.

pinterest bulk editor options
The bulk editor lets you create new pins, upload pin images, and edit current pins.

#2: Create New Promoted Pins

To create new pins with the bulk editor, first you need to download the .CSV template. To do this, click on the option to create new pins, and then click on the CSV Template link, which downloads the template to your computer.

pinterest download csv template
Before you create new pins with the bulk editor, you need to download the template.

The template is enormous, and there are a ton of fields to fill out. It starts with “Existing Campaign ID” in column A, and goes all the way to “Max Bid” in column U. You’ll need to fill in each column for each campaign. Though clunky, this is a great way to create blocks of ads for split testing. You can copy and paste most of the content, and replace only what you need to.

pinterest fill out csv template
The bulk editor has a large number of fields for pin creation and requires you to fill in all of them.

If you have any questions, the cell underneath each heading tells you exactly what information to enter. The first task, for example, is to enter the existing campaign ID, and the cell below tells you where to find it and how to format it.

pinterest pins creation template instructions
The bulk creation template gives you instructions within the template itself, providing all of the information you’ll need.

Once you’ve added your new campaigns, save the template and then upload it to Pinterest. You’ll be able to review your new pins.

pinterest upload campaign template
Upload your completed template to Pinterest.

If you have any errors, Pinterest will flag them.

pinterest review new promoted pins
The bulk pin creator lets you know if there’s a problem with your new pins before letting you submit them.

To use the bulk editor to upload pin images, either click Browse to navigate to the files on your computer or drag and drop the images onto the screen. The images must be in .JPG or .PNG format.

pinterest upload pin images
Uploading pin images in bulk can save you time later on.

#3: Edit Promoted Pins

If you want to edit your promoted pins, first you’ll need to download your existing promoted pins data. To do this, click on the Download link shown in the image below.

pinterest download promoted pins data
Click the Download link to download your promoted pins data.

The bulk edit template is separate from the bulk pin creation template. You need to download the data for your existing pins to edit them. Make sure you download the template each time to stay up to date.

The template is similar to the bulk pin creation template, though my editing template had far fewer fields. It only went to column R instead of column U.

pinterest bulk edit template
It’s quicker to edit pins with the bulk editor than to create them.

Like the bulk creation template, you’re given instructions for each cell, so you know how to change the information.

pinterest template instructions
Each cell gives you the information you need to edit your pins correctly.

Once you make your edits, save your changes and upload the updated template to Pinterest. Then click Create Pin.

Upload the saved and updated template when you’re ready to submit your changes.

Once uploaded, Pinterest allows you to review your changes before submitting them. You have to actually submit them for the changes to take effect.

pinterest review promoted pin edits
Make sure to review your edits before submitting them.

#4: Review Your Promoted Pins

When you’re done creating new pins, editing current pins, and uploading images to use, review all of your pins under the pin overview, and click to review the individual campaigns.

You can review individual pins at any time on the Overview tab.

Final Thoughts

Pinterest’s promoted pins bulk editor works only in a .CSV format, which can feel clunky, and has a lot of fields you need fill out. The bulk editor works best for split testing and mass editing, or for businesses planning to run large numbers of ads. Otherwise, the time it saves may not be significant.

In the future, if Pinterest adapts the current bulk editor into an interface more like Power Editor, it would be even more useful and easier for bulk pin creation (which is currently a little cumbersome). Fortunately, its main purpose is currently as a bulk editor, and it lives up to its name. It’s efficient and easy to edit current promoted pins with the bulk editor template.

What do you think? Have you used the bulk editor? Would you rather create promoted pins manually or use the bulk editor? Share your thoughts, knowledge, and experience in the comments below!

bulk edit promoted pinterest pins
Tips on how to save time creating promoted pins with the Pinterest bulk editor tool.